S6: Advances in Additive Manufacturing

Aude Simar Teresa Pérez Prado
Aude Simar (UC Louvain, Belgium)
Teresa Pérez Prado (IMDEA Materials, Spain)

Advanced manufacturing (AM), comprising a range of techniques that allow the layered build-up of components with complex geometries, is set out to have a transformational effect in many industries. However, while the last few years have seen extraordinary advances in 3D printing technologies, a number of challenges remain that still hinder the widespread use of AM for production. These include a lack of understanding of the processing-microstructure-properties relationship, especially in multi-material and metamaterial builds, the need for further optimization of in-situ monitoring techniques, the limited availability of feedstock materials for structural and functional components performing under demanding environments, and the development of end-to-end models considering physically-based simulation tools.

This symposium aims to constitute a forum to discuss the progress and remaining challenges in a number of areas related to the mechanics of materials for additive manufacturing. Contributions related to both fundamental and applied work are welcomed. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Powder production and characterization.
  • New alloys for additive manufacturing.
  • In-situ monitoring.
  • Additive manufacturing methods, including hybrid processes.
  • Processing-microstructure-mechanical properties relationship.
  • Post-processing treatments.
  • Multiscale modelling.
  • Applications.
  • Important Dates

    Abstract submission

    • October 1st, 2023
      Beginning of abstract submission

    • December 22nd, 2023
      January 14th, 2024
      Abstract submission deadline


    • March 1st, 2024
      Early registration deadline

    • April 1st, 2024
      Last registration for presenting authors with accepted abstract

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