S4: Mechanics of architected materials: Experiments and modelling

Vikram Deshpande Irene Beyerlein
Vikram Deshpande (University of Cambridge, UK)
Irene Beyerlein (University of Santa Barbara, US)

The integration of materials and architectural features at multiple scales into structural mechanics gave us e.g., the Eiffel Tower. This approach led to the development of computational design approaches used in modern day construction. Similar principles are now being applied to the invention of new meso-scale microstructures. The utilization of topological features as a design parameter in architected materials offers new opportunities to create novel materials with unprecedented mechanical properties exceeding the conventional limits. For examples architected materials are being made which display negative Poisson’s ratio, negative thermal expansion coefficient, and negative bulk modulus.

There is great current interest in the optimal design of architectures, cost-effective synthesis of such architectures, and theoretical and experimental analyses of their behaviour under the static and dynamic loading environments. Topics of interest in the symposium include but are not limited to multi-scale design of architected materials, topology optimization for wide range of applications, synthesis of architectures from various types of base materials, scalable manufacturing of architected materials as well as experimental and computational multiscale characterization of mechanical responses.

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