S11: Mechanics of biological materials & biomechanics

Antoine Jerusalem Estefanía Peña
Antoine Jerusalem (University of Oxford, UK)
Estefanía Peña (U. Zaragoza, Spain)

Mechanics plays a prominent role in the study of biological systems and processes. In particular, it is increasingly clear that the vast majority of physiological and pathological processes encountered in micro-heterogeneous biological materials are based on phenomena driven by different concurrent physics such as mechanics, biochemistry, electricity (or electrophysiology) and thermodynamics..

Physiological and pathological processes span multiple scales in length, time and energy and, even then, one process’ scales can sit at one end or another depending on whether it is considered in isolation or along with its larger systemic interaction to generate function at a higher level. Although, to some extent, traditional applied material mechanics concepts are a priori directly applicable to describe biological materials, their inherent property to adapt to mechanical and chemical environments remains a challenging modeling task and requires dedicated multiscale and multiphysics frameworks. In modelling tissue mechanics and mechanobiology, advanced material mechanical models thus need to become multiphysics models.

The main goal of this session is to attract scientists from a wide variety of disciplines interested in such multiphysics considerations in the context of biology. Experimental, theoretical and numerical work are all welcome. This symposium should be a good opportunity for the participants to refine their ideas for future work and to establish possible cooperation.

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